Future EFI conferences - 2022 & 2023


The highlight for our society every year is our annual conference and we all have been looking forward to this year's EFI meeting in Venice! However, we need to plan for the future too. We have already selected venues for the annual conferences until 2021, so we are now looking for members interested in organizing the meetings in 2022 and 2023. In 2019 we will be in Lisbon/Portugal, in 2020 we will meet in Glasgow/UK and in 2021 the conference - together the IHIWS - will be held in Amsterdam/the Netherlands. 

Colleagues interested in hosting the EFI meetings from 2022 on must be aware that the EC has for a period of time investigated the possibility to have a contracted PCO to deal with the commercial exhibition, mainly in response to requests from the companies. There will still be a local PCO responsible for most of the arrangements but this PCO will not be dealing directly with the sponsoring and exhibiting companies. The process of selection of this contracted PCO is, however, not completed yet at this time. 

Interested colleagues should submit a formal application, using forms to be found here. Completed applications must be received by the EFI Secretary (mats.bengtsson@igp.uu.se) by September 15th, 2018. Please indicate if you would like to organize the meeting in 2022 or 2023.

Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee during the autumn meeting in October 2018. If necessary, a shortlist of applications will be produced from which further information will be requested. The final decision will be made at the 2019 Annual Conference EFI Executive Committee meeting (in Lisbon).

We are looking forward to receiving your application!