EFI Standards v8.0 open for comments


Deadline: 31 March 2019

The EFI Standards v8.0 is now open for comments.  The proposed Standard can be found on the EFI website as an excel file, click here to view the file. The document notes the changes from the current version 7.0.

The revised version follows the same format as current version 7. We have introduced changes to standards concerning haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, in order to adapt current developments with mismatched and haploidentical HSCT. For the methodological standards, we have created standards for real time PCR and for capillary electrophoresis. Another area that will be included in the next version, is standards for functions performed in core laboratories, as use of core laboratories has become more common. We have also introduced some changes to the qualification of the Director, to consider laboratories seeking accreditation only to categories where H&I training is not present, such as chimerism testing. The terminology used regarding HLA antibody testing has been clarified.

Comments to the version 8.0 will be expected by 31st of March.

Juha Peräsaari, PhD
Chair, EFI Standards and Quality Assurance Committee