EFI Personal Bursaries annual Conference



EFI Personal Bursaries for the annual EFI Conference to be held in Venice, Italy on May 9th – 12th 2018

Full details on how to apply for EFI personal bursaries are given on the EFI website in the document entitled “EFI Personal Bursaries”.  The application form for the EFI Personal Bursaries is also available on the EFI website. 

In addition to the deadlines given for personal bursary applications, an additional deadline of February 26th, 2018 has been set for applications for bursaries specifically to support attendance at the annual EFI conference in Venice.

Preference for these applications will be given to members who have been selected to present an abstract at the EFI conference (either oral or poster presentation). Only one bursary per laboratory will be awarded.

All bursaries are awarded on the strict condition that the recipient submits a report of ~1 page on any scientific session of the conference, which will be published in the EFI newsletter, following the conference.

For all bursary applications the following are required:
- completed “EFI Personal Bursary Application Form”;
- CV of applicant;
- letter of support from lab director;
- submitted abstract where appropriate;  
- confirmation of selection for oral or poster presentation as soon as this information is available.

These must be sent to the EFI Secretary via Sandra van Hensbergen at the EFI Central Office, (ajvanhensbergen@lumc.nl).