Bursary deadlines 2019


It is our pleasure to inform you about the upcoming deadlines for application for the EFI Personal Bursary, the EFI Education and Scientific Bursary (previously EFI Education and Training Bursary) and the support for EFI 'International Affairs'.


During the EFI autumn meetings held in October 2018 in Leiden, the Netherlands it was decided to align the bursary deadlines and the bursary deadlines are set as per below:

Next to the above, please note an Annual Conference Bursary is made available and more information is to be found elsewhere in this Newsletter. Also a bursary is allocated to support EFI Members to attend the 2019 International Summer School and more information will be provided at a later time. 


Reminders of upcoming Bursary deadlines and information about the application procedure will be provided to you by the EFI Office by email. Click here to read more information about the respective Bursaries.