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This page provides details on meetings of interest to EFI members.

6 - 9 Mar

VII HL2C Histocompatibilty from Laboratory to Clinic

Location: Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain

Announcement: Click here (pdf file) for more information

8 - 9 Mar

12th East-West Immunogenetics Conference

Location: City Conference Centre, Prague, Czech Republic

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Announcement: Click here (pdf file) for more information

9 - 12 May

32nd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference

Location: Venice, Italy

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6 - 8 Sep

26th Annual Conference DGI (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Immungenetik)

Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

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11 - 14 Nov

Asia - Pacific Histocompatibitily & Immunogenetics Assocation 2018 Conference

Location: Sydney Masonic Centre, Sydney, Australia

Visit the website:

Announcement: Click here (pdf file) for more information

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International Summer School

The International Summer School is an exceptional opportunity for advanced training in the field of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility. Every two years the International Summer School is organized by EFI, ASHI and APHIA.

This year the International Summer School will be organized in Dublin, Ireland.

Previous EFI Conferences

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Meetings ASHI and APHIA

To view the meetings of the American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (ASHI) please go to the ASHI website.

To view the meetings of the Asia-Pacific Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Association (APHIA) please go to the APHIA website.

Meeting forms

- Speakers consent form (PDF File)
- Teaching Session Evaluation form (PDF File)
- Teaching Session Guidelines (PDF File)

Forms for bid EFI annual conference:

- Procedure EFI meeting application (PDF File)
- EFI meeting application checklist form (PDF File)