EFI Continued Medical Education (CME) / Continued Professional Development (CPD)

A pilot scheme for 2018

Recently the EFI Education Committee (EDC) has discussed establishing an EFI CME-CPD scheme to allow members to record professional activities which help them to retain their knowledge and skills in the field of H&I. In some countries such schemes already exist, but the new EFI scheme is aimed at members who have no other formal mechanism for recording CME/CPD events. For those members who hold the European Specialisation in H&I (ESHI) Diploma (either Honorary or by examination) providing evidence of ongoing CME/CPD, either from a local recognised scheme or via this new EFI scheme, will be a mandatory requirement in the future to remain qualified. Also, the recording of training and development events in this EFI scheme will be accepted for EFI Accreditation purposes.

The EFI Executive Committee has authorised the EDC to establish a pilot EFI CME-CPD scheme for 2018. We are therefore looking for volunteers from the EFI membership to undertake the CME-CPD scheme for calendar year 2018. At the end of this period the EDC will review the scheme, its ease of use and how many members have participated and hopefully launch a full scheme in 2019. At the moment participation on the EFI CME-CPD scheme will be free to EFI members, although in the future a small fee may be required for the re-issue of updated ESHI Diploma certificates.

Anyone wishing to undertake the pilot scheme must download the spreadsheet and send a completed copy of the ‘front page’ worksheet to Sandra van Hensbergen at the EFI Office (ajvanhensbergen@lumc.nl) to register. 

Click here to download the spreadsheet for recording CME-CPD activity. Please note the EFI CME/CPD registration number will be provided to you by the EFI Office after receipt of the completed first page of the spreadsheet.