The Julia Bodmer Award

As a tribute to the late EFI president Julia Bodmer, who encouraged many young researchers in the field of Immunogenetics, the Julia Bodmer Award (JBA) was established in 2002. This prestigious award is given every year to a young scientist in recognition of their outstanding work within the field of Immunogenetics, and in acknowledgement of the laboratory in which the scientist has performed their research. The JBA is associated with an oral presentation at the opening session of the annual EFI Conference, and with the invitation to contribute a dedicated “Julia Bodmer Review” to HLA, the official journal of the Society.

Candidates must be an EFI member (or become a member at the time of application) and be no more than 10 years past completion of their doctoral thesis if applicable; candidates who have not undertaken or completed a doctoral thesis are also eligible. Applications from eligible candidates will be reviewed by all members of the EFI Scientific Committee who will give the highest priority to scientific merit for establishing a ranking by majority voting. The first ranked candidate will be selected. The JBA winner will be invited to deliver his/her presentation as first speaker of the EFI Conference Opening Session, to be guest at the prestigious Ceppellini Dinner, and to receive €1.000 in prize money. In addition, his/her expenses for registration, travel and lodging for the 3 nights of the EFI Conference will be covered by EFI.

A list of all the recipients of this award is given below:

2002 - Benedicte Lie

2003 - Maria Pascual

2004 - Marlies Dankers

2005 - Peter Horn (Hannover Medical School, Germany)

2006 - James Traherne

2007 - Blanca Rueda

2008 - Roberta Rizzo (University of Ferrara, Italy)

2009 - Luca Vago (San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Italy)

2010 - Constanca Figueiredo (Hannover Medical School, Germany)

2011 - Lloyd D'Orsogna (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)

2012 - Pierre-Antoine Gourraud

2013 - Daniele Focosi (University of Pisa, Italy)

2014 - Clemens Hermann (Oxford University, UK)

2015 - Celine Rene (University of Montpellier, France)

2016 - Hannah Siddle (University of Southampton, UK)

2017 - James Lee (Harvard University, USA)

2018 - Maxime Rotival (Institut Pasteur, France)