Best Abstract Awards / Jon van Rood Award

Amongst the Abstracts submitted to the Annual EFI Conference, those with the highest average scores assigned by the EFI Scientific Committee are selected for presentation in the Best Abstract Session, which is held as a Plenary on the last day of the Conference. All 8 presenters receive a Best Abstract Award Certificate. Amongst them, a jury composed of the attending Past EFI Presidents selects the winner of the Jon van Rood Award and two runner-ups, based on the quality of their presentation and subsequent discussion, which come with a Prize Money of 1000€, 500€ and 300€, respectively. The prize is named in honor of Prof. Jon van Rood, one of the Founding Fathers of H&I, and was established in 2011.

A list of all the recipients of this award is given below:

2011 - Cedric Lenormand et al, INSERM UMR 725 / EFS-Alsace, Strassbourg, France

2012 - Hiroko Miyadera et al, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2013 - Giacomo Oliveira et al, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milano, Italy

2014 - Heleen van den Heuvel et al, LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015 - Louise Rowntree et al, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

2016 - Dr. Lotte Wieten et al, University Hospital Maastricht; Netherlands

2017 - Maximilian Metzing et al, University Hospital Essen; Germany

2018 - Andrew G. Brooks et al, University of Melbourne, Australia